Artist Paints Beautiful Murals While Balancing On A Surfboard, And You Will Want To Go To There — PHOTOS

When it comes to multi-tasking, most of us can barely achieve eating dinner and watching Netflix at the same time. I personally have several large food stains on all my white shirts to prove it. But this guy who paints murals on his surfboard is, literally and figuratively, blowing us all out of the water. Sean Yoro, or "Hula" as he goes by, is a street artist who was born in Hawaii and is now based in New York City. His main claim to fame is paddling out to abandoned structures in the water and painting almost mythical images of women who seem to rise out of the water.

Not only does he have to balance himself while he makes these works of art, he has to balance all of the paints that he has brought along with him, which he paddles with to and from shore. That's some high stakes for art, but when you take a look at what he's accomplished, you'll see it was more than worth it. It's basically the most impressive art that has come out of surfboards since Beyoncé added the "surfboard, surfboard" line to "Drunk In Love," and you know I don't say that lightly.

Here are a few of the insanely cool murals Yoro has painted on his aquatic adventures:

All of the pieces he draws of women are based on real-life models, so hey, fellow New Yorkers—go find him and maybe he'll go stick your face on a wall!

When he isn't painting on abandoned concrete, Yoro also makes stunning oil paintings based on models as well:

If I could wear a pair of glasses that turned my whole world into Yoro's paintings, I'd be on it like peanut butter on jelly. For more of his paintings, you can visit his website here.

Image: the_hula/Instagram