Guys Wax Each Other's Chests, And Disappointingly, Nobody Yells "Kelly Clarkson" — VIDEO

Unpopular experience sharing time: I've never gotten a professional wax any place other than my eyebrows, and that was at my "painfully self-aware middle school-aged" period. But I guess that's for the best, since we all agreed to stop eyebrow waxing anyway. Regardless of women's personal waxing habits, though, many men don't understand the weird body hair pressures women get doled out on the daily. Now, though, at least a handful more get it fully since these guys waxed each other's chests.

Look, they were forewarned by that scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, so it's not like any of these dudes have trace amounts of a right to be surprised by the ensuing searing pain. (I imagine—I can't speak from personal chest-waxing experience.) You know, during my reign as features editor of my university's weekly publication, I assigned a male staff writer to get his junk waxed and write about it. I supposed I'm owed some sort of specifically vile karmic justification for that...which is fair. I wonder what the person behind this video had to do to talk these guys into participating in this very REAL experience on camera? Especially since bare-chested styles for men seem to be a little less in style these days (or at least mostly kept to a very specific, Miami beach demographic of male human, possibly also clad in Speedos). Regardless, it worked and happened and there's now video evidence of it.

Reactionary metaphors include:



This seems dramatic, yet...I'd prefer not to find out firsthand in a similarly sensitive area. His tears look legit, so.

Being mauled by a wild big cat


Here's a guy with a strong simile game. Is it OK I'm weirdly turned on by this? I think it's OK.

Normal body reaction


It's a legit question.

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