The Rock Officiates Fan's Wedding & Now There's Really No Doubt Dwayne Johnson Can Do It All — VIDEO

"Can you smell what The Rock is officiating?" That's the new catch phrase Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is going to use from now on — especially now, since The Rock officiated a fan's wedding on Saturday. That's right: during the press junket for San Andreas — which also stars Johnson, — comedian Nick Mundy was all set to film a bit with Johnson for the YouTube Channel Screen Junkies... but Mundy had no idea what his co-workers, family, Johnson, and his now-wife Dilara Karabas had in store for him. In fact, Saturday was his wedding day — and Mundy had no clue.

With help from Screen Junkies and Johnson, Mundy and Karabas' wedding day turned out to be a very special day. Johnson, the Screen Junkies team, and Mundy's family and then fiancée had a surprise wedding waiting for him — with Johnson officiating the entire thing. In fact, it was Johnson's idea to marry the happy couple legally, after he got approval from Karabas because he wanted "to make sure that this was her day," and not just a bit being done for Mundy.

Mundy and Johnson have a very special relationship, going back to 2013, during the Pain & Gain press junket. Mundy's been a super fan of Johnson's ever since he was a child, which caused him to become so starstruck the interview didn't go too well. However, that didn't stop Johnson and Mundy from becoming friends and filming bits together.

Screen Junkies on YouTube

As you can see in the video above, Mundy was shocked by the surprise. He told The Hollywood Reporter, "My first thought was, 'Oh shit, oh shit. I hope Dilara is cool with this.' The second one was, 'I have hat hair, I'm sweating and wearing American flag pants.' And then my best man and writing partner threw my jacket on me, and the next thing I know, the Rock was walking me down the aisle and the music was starting and I signed the marriage license. The whole thing was insane."

It's definitely a day that Mundy and Karabas will always remember, in addition to their originally scheduled wedding, which will still take place on Sept. 6. for family and friends.

Also, this proves that Johnson can pretty much do it all, even when he's not wrestling, saving the day, or flexing his muscles.