Dior Introduces Virtual Reality Goggles, Gives Customers A Backstage Pass

Like all other prestigious, high-end Parisian brands, Dior is a notoriously exclusive, tight-lipped house, allowing only a select few into its inner sanctum of design secrets. But now, all of that is about to change, thanks to Dior's investment in virtual reality goggles that will provide customers with the experience of going backstage at one of their impossible to access runway shows.

While the house may be coveted for its exclusivity, Dior will give clientele an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at all the glamorous runway goings-on with a virtual reality apparatus that's been cutely coined as, "Dior Eyes." The Dior Eyes are a part of the brand's recent investment in a trend they've termed "retailtainment" — in other words, finding a way to create a fusion between the realms of shopping and entertainment.

The brand uploaded a video of the headgear's creation, as well as a sneak peak of the Dior Eyes in action to their YouTube account yesterday and, I have to admit, the experience looks pretty impressive. You basically get to covertly spy on your favorite designer and supermodels backstage. Who wouldn't want that?!

The Dior Eyes will be in stores as soon as this June, so we can all feel like true fashion insiders in no time flat.

Image: Screenshot