Zendaya Has Hair Struggles Just Like Us

You know when you finish your makeup and it looks so good that you want to take a selfie, but then remember that your hair is still knotted up in that pre-party nap style you love so much? Well instead of just doing her hair and then taking the shot, Zendaya Coleman's on-fleek eyebrows and messy hair selfie made it onto Instagram. And we're glad it did because it made Coleman that much more relatable.

Now it can't be said whether Coleman was getting ready for the day or getting ready to turn up, but what can be said is that her eyebrows are the only eyebrows out there. The 18-year-old beauty posted a picture on Instagram showing off her insane makeup skills, and captioned it with the most real thing I've ever read. "When your makeup's on fleek but your hair could use some love," Coleman wrote. And even though I can see where she's coming from, Coleman is totally pulling off the messy up-do.

Even though I don't take many selfies, I can understand the #hairstruggles that Coleman is going through. Because whether you want to admit it or not, your hair has a mind of its own and somedays, it just doesn't want to work with you. But what I think Coleman is getting at is how little that really matters because she still looked flawless. We're all pretty flawless, no matter what.