You'll Never Hear "Roxanne" The Same Way Again

An old Tonight Show favorite is back. The Ragtime Gals sang on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday night, and, as always the results were great. However, this segment was a bit different, in a pretty big way: This time, the Ragime Gals were joined by Sting himself — specifically, for a ragtime version of The Police's 1978 classic, "Roxanne," which is pretty much the most amazing reason ever. Though the song is a little darker than typical ragtime fare, the quintet definitely managed to pull it off. Their version sounds both familiar and totally different from the famous original, and I'm fairly certain after listening to it, you'll never be able to hear "Roxanne" the same way again.

Fallon and the rest of the Gals began the song together before they were joined by a very bearded Sting, also wearing the uniform of white slacks and candy-striped coat. While Fallon looks (typically) on the verge of giggles, Sting takes the whole thing seriously, and gruffly shouts/sings "don't put on the red light" while the others back him up. It's basically the cutest thing ever.

I dare you to listen to this ragtime version of "Roxanne" without getting it stuck in your head — the contrast between the darkness of the lyrics and the cheery way it's sung in this version, not to mention that beard, makes this video an instant Fallon classic. Check it out:

OK, now it's time to get that out of your system. Here's the original. (Note how clean shaven Sting is in the video!)

Who else wants an impromptu karaoke session right about now?

Image: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube; Giphy