Celebrities React To Ireland Being On Track To Legalize Gay Marriage & They're Expressing Their Excitement For The #YesVote — UPDATE

Update: According to The Guardian, with almost all of the results in, Ireland has become the first country to legalize same sex marriage by popular vote.

Previous: The country of Ireland just might be having the best weekend ever. According to reports from various outlets including The Guardian and BBC News, Ireland is reportedly on track to legalize marriage equality with a historic vote: As The Guardian reports, though the results won't officially be announced until later Saturday, the vote is "running at 62.2% and the No at 37.8%" — indicating that it may likely pass. According to The Irish Times, Cabinet minister for Health Leo Varadkar, the country’s first openly gay minister, oversaw the votes and made the announcement that those in support of the gay marriage referendum possibly accounted for 75 percent of the votes in Dublin. Obviously this vote represents a huge leap forward for Ireland, a country that only decriminalized homosexual acts in 1993. Thankfully, it seems that the reactions to the yes vote, especially amongst celebrities tracking the Ireland vote, are overwhelmingly positive.

Before the official voting took place, the same-sex marriage referendum received a ton of support in the form of symbols around Ireland encouraging citizens to vote yes. When the polls were opened for Irish voters on Friday, many celebrities took to social media to express their support using the #VoteYes and #MarRef2015 hashtags — and after the announcement on Saturday, the outpouring of excited celebrity reactions who were overjoyed at the news continued.

The results are set to be officially announced late Saturday.