Fat-Shamed Ballerina Posts Body Positive Pictures On Instagram After Being Fired From The Bolshoi In 2003

On a mission to show that the haters can't keep her down, Anastasia Volochkova posts body positive pictures to Instagram, showing off her ballet skills. According to Cosmopolitan, the dancer was fired from the Bolshoi Ballet in 2003, allegedly because of her weight, with a spokesperson for the theater originally telling the New York Times "She is heavy for a ballerina; she is hard to lift." But, at 39 years old, her confidence is shining brighter than ever. Volochkova's body positive pics prove that nothing can keep her down, not even body shaming.

According to Daily Mail, Volochkova was a prima ballerina in Moscow until 2003 when she was fired, reportedly for being "too fat" (UGH). Despite winning a legal case against the company that forced them to take her back, she had not been offered a dance role since 2004. Daily Mail reports that she ultimately decided to go solo, not only having success in the dance world "but also as an actress and a model, starring in films and TV series as well as modelling for Chopard jewellery," and eventually received her MBA in economics.

Volochkova posted pictures from her vacation in the Maldives, posing in various ballet positions and showing off her (super toned) body. She clearly isn't letting the opinions of others bring her down!

Showing some skin in the Maldives

Volochkova bears it all to show just how comfortable she is in her body.

Striking a ballerina pose

She's still got serious ballerina skills over a decade after being leaving the Bolshoi.

Swimming in the salty sea

I just love her confidence!

Image: volochkova_art/Instagram