Can You Buy Beyonce's "Queen Bee" T-Shirt? Yes, So We Can All Represent The Queen

We all already know that Beyoncé runs the world, and now she’s showing us that she knows it too! Beyonce wore a “Queen Bee” sweatshirt in a picture she shared on Instagram, so if it wasn’t clear who the Queen was, well, it certainly is now. Crystal clear.

In the photo she wears a white crew neck sweatshirt that reads, “Queen Bee. noun. I call the shots.” Duh, Yoncé! Bow down to the Queen everyone! And she’s paired it with ripped denim shorts, just to show off those legs. Could she be any more perfect?

She really has been killing it this week, what with her “Feeling Myself” music video release and her other major accomplishment — pulling off a neon yellow pantsuit with just a bra underneath. So, yeah, I’d say this sweatshirt is more than appropriate.

You're probably wondering where you can buy this ASAP, and fortunately it’s available to shop at A Black and White Story. I’m hoping that I can get my very own soon because I would love to wear this as a way of showing where my allegiance lies. I mean, I'd pretty much rock this shirt everyday. Not only does it look super comfy, but it also acknowledges my favorite person in the whole world (yes, I'm talking about Beyoncé).

I really couldn’t ask for more out of my clothing. To see your dream t-shirt (Beyhive represent!) take a look at the Insta snap below.

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All hail Queen Bey!

Image: A Black and White Story