Ski Chic: 8 Cute Pieces You Should be Wearing to Beat the Chill on the Slopes

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With winter fast approaching, our favorite high-fashion designers from Chanel to Hermes have finally taken the oft-neglected ski gear sector from tired to chic, and mass market brands are following suit. When temperatures drop, it's tempting to reach for an oversized puffer coat and forget about looking cute, and ski wear typically dredges up memories of drab monochrome jumpsuits or neon racing stripes bright enough to pass for Botts' Dots. But with this season's crop of designer wares, it's easy to embrace the revamped staple.

This winter, you won't have to choose between function and fashion. Mittens are bedazzled and tech optimized, ski jackets are sleek and chic, and there is a hat for every personality. If you're craving style on the slopes without the hefty price tag, here are eight of our favorite pieces from high street brands.

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