If Your Boss Acted Like People on Instagram, You Would Really Hate Mondays

One of the reasons I'm glad I don't work in a traditional office environment is that I don't have to navigate the often times tricky waters of employee-boss relations. Like, I never have to worry about what would happen if my boss tried to friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram. But even though I personally won't have that happen to me just yet, I can still experience the awkwardness secondhand thanks to Elite Daily's new video, If Your Boss Acted Like Your Instagram Account. So much cringe.

To be completely fair, I think it would be equally cringe-y if anybody (regardless of their work relationship) acted the way they do on Instagram in real life because, let's face it, Instagram is a pretty weird place. Like, where else but Instagram would it be normal to publicly document every single meal you cook for yourself (regardless of how good it looks to anybody but you)? Unless you're Rachael Ray, nowhere.

Hopefully nobody out there reading this can actually empathize with any of the scenarios depicted in the video, but if you can, you have my sympathies. And I would also like to know what it's like to work for Michael Scott. And if I can come visit.

For the rest of us, we can all be thankful that our boss will never....

Make You Look at Their #FoodPorn

Anybody who makes you look at their delicious sushi lunch while you sit there with your obviously inferior grocery store sushi is a huge jerk. Aaaand now I want sushi.

Try to Get You to Go "Like for Like"

Thank God this isn't a thing in the real world. If every time somebody gave you a compliment you had to like something of theirs, nobody would ever get anything done.

Constantly Change the Lighting in the Room

I mean, on second thought I kind of like this idea. If I could somehow put a Valencia filter on all my lights, I'd never have to wear makeup.

Watch all the weirdness unfold in the full video, below.

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Images: Elite Daily / Youtube