Cats + 'Hunger Games' = Watch Right Meow

Well, well, well, it seems the odds are ever in your favor this Friday. Because today, just two weeks before The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits it big on the big screen Nov. 22, you get to watch its predecessor preformed by tiny things on a tiny screen. That's right — we bring you Hunger Games, performed by cats.

Before you roll your eyes, watch the clip and deliver it mad respect: The female-fronted remake is extremely well-acted. That might be partly because their supporting players — some impressively designed cardboard — prop them up, literally and figuratively. Still, it's impossible to not sink your claws into the most adorable tale about child murder and manipulation. Look at that leg infection! Aw, so cute!

Okay, so maybe we're simply desperate for Hunger Games content while we wait to discover how Catching Fire is, and whether Sam Claflin's Finnick is really as derpy as he seems. (Sorry, the endless stream of clips just aren't enough.)

So, no, you cannot haz Catching Fire quite yet, Katniss and Peeta fans. But you can haz a look at these adorable cats(niss), and, really, that's a much greater victory than tricking President Snow into a Hunger Games win.

[h/t HuffingtonPost]