This Is A Wool Avocado Where The Two Halves Are Hugging, And There's Not Much Else To Say Except "I Want One" — PHOTO

Sometimes this world will surprise our little calloused brains by unveiling something so truly heartwarming and unifying of everything we ever wanted, you just gotta cheerfully shrug. For your consideration, Ukranian artist Hanna Dovhan made hugging wool avocado halves, and since those exist now, each day is forever #blessed. Finally, a love story that can only last and last and last.

As most of us sadly know, there might be an avocado shortage rapidly approaching us. That's thanks to the massive drought in California and our dependency on the state for those majestic, emerald fruits—even though the US also heavily relies on Florida and Mexico, this official state of emergency runs much deeper than short showers. Anyway, Dovhan found a way to keep spirits up and positive with this beautiful display of avocado affection by way of wool sculptures. Basically what we have here is the ideal gift for any smart couple in the world or solo person. Literally anyone, really, could benefit from the oozing adorableness of this two-part coo-fest. Those smiles! That embrace! I can't decide how I feel about the pit even though I know it's sorta essential (especially to prevent avocado browning), but I can ignore that for now because there is THIS:

Unfortunately Dovhan's Etsy shop is currently cleaned out of these lovable cuties. But I'm sure it's only a matter of time before that supply is replenished (and hopefully the same stands for California's avocado farms). In the meantime, there's other amazing avocado crafts available on Etsy like:

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Images: Courtesy of Hanna Dovhan(2); savethedaisies/Etsy; GuiltfreeDecadence/Etsy; NewWoodsman/Etsy