'Oklahoma!' Starring Wolverine? Yes, Please

Cancel your Nov. 15 plans, because that night, you're watching Oklahoma! starring Hugh Jackman. Trust. Because PBS is all things gorgeous and pure, it will air the 1999 recording of the musical as part of its Great Performances series. Remember when we were like, "that guy sure can sing" during the 81st Academy Awards? And then he crushed it again in Les Miserables? Well, neither occasion was a fluke. He didn't just happen to nail those performances. Dude is a bonafide musical theater guy. May we never forget. G'bless.

Back in 1998 and 1999, Jackman played Curly in the Royal National Theater's production of the musical, and a year later, he was Wolverine. Pardon me, he IS Wolverine. Forever. No one else can be Wolverine. Whoa, talk about a career surge! Not only did he jump from being star of the stage to star of the screen, but he jumped from being star of the stage to FREAKIN' WOLVERINE. In the span of a year! That one feels good for all of us high school musical nerds (not to be confused with High School Musical nerds. There is definitely some overlap, but they occupy different Venn diagram circles).

So. Nov. 15. PBS. Hugh Effin' Jackman in Oklahoma! Even if you're not into musicals, you're into Hugh Jackman. That's an objective truth about every human.