B.B. King's Daughters Claim He Was Poisoned In A Shocking Addition To An Already Sad Story

Many fans, celebrities, friends, and family have been mourning blues singer B.B. King after he died during in home hospice care at the age of 89. Not only did he change blues music for the better, but he made a huge impact in the music industry and in the lives of many. In a shocking addition to already sad news, according to CNN, two of B.B. King's daughters claim he was poisoned by two of his former employees.

According to King's daughters, Patty King and Karen Williams, and affidavits they filed this past weekend, the women allege their father was poisoned to death by two of his former associates, Louise Laverne Toney, King's business manager, and Myron Johnson, his personal assistant. Patty and Williams said in affidavits obtained by CNN: "I believe my father was poisoned and that he was administered foreign substances to induce his premature death." They added, "I believe my father was murdered."

However, Clark Country, Nevada coroner John Fudenberg said based on preliminary autopsy results, there is "no evidence to substantiate the allegations." Full autopsy and forensic results will take anywhere between six to eight weeks. CNN also reports there was no investigation at the time of the musician's death and that his attending physician reported the cause of death as multi-infarct dementia, which is the result of a series of small strokes.


But Patty and Williams are not convinced. They claim in their affidavits that Toney and Johnson gave their father his medication to "induce a diabetic shock." In addition, King's daughters claim that not only was their father "sequestered from all family members" the week before he died, save for Toney and Johnson, but they claim King's two associates were seen giving him medications, fluids, and foreign substances, despite being medically unlicensed.

Toney told the Associated Press that Patty and Williams have been "making allegations all along. What's new?" This isn't the first time King's daughters have claimed that their father was mistreated by his employees. As CNN reports, Patty, Williams, and a third daughter, Rita Washington, all previously went to court, and accused Toney of elder abuse and neglect. However, the judge threw out the case due to lack of evidence. Johnson declined comment when asked by ABC News.

According to the AP, there is no active homicide investigation being conducted by the police.

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