The Biebs Covers "I'll Make Love To You"

When in need of someone to cover one of your favorite Boyz II Men song's that puts you in the mood for a good night of love making, look to the Biebs. On Sunday in Hollywood, Justin Bieber covered "I'll Make Love To You," the classic and soulful ballad by Boyz II Men, which was released in 1994 — four months after Bieber was born. Even though the singer wasn't old enough at the time to enjoy the hit song, he sure enjoyed singing it to a crowd at the W hotel in California.

As you can see in the video below, Bieber is totally into his performance. At one point, he even gets down on the ground. It's hard to tell what he's doing to the stage floor, but according to Us Weekly, Bieber was "shaking his hips and doing an exaggerated version of The Worm to the beat of the song." That's one way to pay tribute to your predecessors!

Speaking of the hit '90s band who can still do no wrong (those who attended their show at Las Vegas' The Mirage or saw them tour with New Kids On The Block and 98 Degrees know what I mean), they enjoyed Bieber's rendition themselves. Boyz II Men thanked the 21-year-old on Twitter for covering their hit song and even invited him to stop by their show in Vegas.

Do I smell a Justin Bieber and Boyz II Men tour? It would make sense, especially since Bieber collaborated with Boyz II Men on his Under the Mistletoe album for the track "Fa La La."