Robin Thicke Says "Oh no, no no no" To Miley Cyrus

In case you were wondering what Robin Thicke's opinions were on that VMA performance that relaunched Miley Cyrus as The Heathen Sent To Destroy Your Children — well, we already told you about that. Basically it left him clutching his pearls. But the big question is: If the opportunity ever came to perform with Miley again, would he take it, or would his pearls be too tangled from the last time? The answer is apparently most definitely the latter: Robin Thicke will never perform with Miley Cyrus, ever again he says.

More specifically, when asked if he'd ever repeat the deed, this is how he responded, according to The Huffington Post:

"Oh no, no no no", he said, adding: "No no, definitely no, definitely not."

Aw, poor Robin Thicke. Goes onstage to perform a song about blurred consent lines and finds himself the victim of Miley Cyrus' young heathen rump.

It's not exactly a secret that Cyrus has been the one shouldering most of the blame coming off of that infamous VMA performance — but really, has no one thought to ask her if she'd work with him again?Because honestly, we'd hypothesize that Cyrus would probably work with Thicke again, but that's just because she seems about 150 percent more chill about being the center of attention due to sexual display. Which makes Thicke's apparent desire to distance himself as much as possible from Cyrus and her image seem a liiiittle bit hypocritical and a lot annoying, considering the song he's most famous for literally has a music video famous for its parading naked women and his desire to get with them. Ugh, the patriarchy is just so exhausting sometimes.