Yelp Teams Up With Shoptiques, Allowing Users To Shop Local Fashion Retailers Directly On Their Platform

Whether you’re a Yelp Elite member or not, you most likely have used Yelp to search up restaurants, stores, parks, and malls, but Yelp has been significantly growing and expanding out of the social reviews platform that they’ve been providing. In other words, rather than just providing a platform where people can leave reviews, Yelp provides other various options such as ordering food, setting up golf tee times and now, Yelp is offering local boutique shopping, thanks to a recent collaboration with

It’s always exciting to find local mom-and-pop venues that are super underrated, but they’re often really difficult to find. And Yelp isn’t exactly anyone’s go-to app to search for low-key shopping spots — that is, until now. With Yelp’s partnership with, it’s now possible to shop the local boutiques directly on Yelp’s latest platform.

The coolest thing about this Yelp platform is that you can order something online and pick it up in-store if you don’t want to anxiously wait for delivery. But if you are all the way in San Francisco and want something from a tiny New York boutique, you don't have to splurge on a plane ticket and can just pay for delivery.

Because the platform is still very new, it will be growing a lot in the days to come, but as of right now, there are more than 200 businesses live and it’s only going up from here. Time to start supporting my local boutiques, thanks to Yelp!

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