Levi's Updated Their Pride Collection

Levi's has been a longtime ally to the LGBTQ community, even extending their support through their Pride collection that they launched last year. The brand created pride-themed t-shirts and other merchandise and put together a float for the parade. And this year, Levi's is adding even more pieces to their Pride Collection.

The new products focus specifically on Stonewall, and feature pride-themed jorts, with "Stonewall" stitched at the side hip, and a rainbow pattern sewn below the belt line on the backside. Next on their list of new items is the Pride Trucker Jacket, covered in patches reading "hot dog" and "I only party with the best," among patches of smiley faces and a winged beer bottle. And finally, their last addition is a baseball cap with the Levi's logo behind a rainbow background. Pretty snazzy! T-shirts and tanks are also available.

“Levi’s has always celebrated one’s authentic self expression. With the 2015 Pride collection, we wanted to continue building a voice within the community by honoring its history,” Grant Barth said, the chief merchandising officer of Levi's, according to Complex. “When you think of the first fight for LGBTQ equality, you think Stonewall. The idea is to start with the most significant rallies for equality and continue honoring moments that have brought the community forward."

Best of all—every piece in the collection is unisex, and can be purchased from May to June in certain stores in Chicago, LA, NYC, Portland, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington D.C. You can also shop the collection on their online store, and part of the profits will go to the Stonewall Community Foundation.

This year, show your support for the LGBTQ community and Pride by rocking one of our favorite and quintessentially American brands.

Images: Levi's