These Fashion Illustrators On DeviantArt Deliver Beautiful And Unique Interpretations Of Fashion Classics

Normally, when people attend a fashion show, they gaze in awe at the gorgeous fashion-forward concepts, the materials and fabrics that were integrated in new and old ways, and the latest trends that many different designers are creating. It's easy to forget that these articles of clothing started out as mere sketches. And in a sort of weird cycle, iconic fashion pieces are turning back into drawings, thanks to the burgeoning scene of talented fashion illustrators, many of whom share their work on Deviant Art.

It kind of seems ironic to have these sketched ideas turned into physical products and in turn, return back to sketches, but this process is extremely beautiful. The sketches that are produced by illustrators aren't even remotely the same as the design sketches so rather than viewing this process as circular, it's really just art in motion.

As an artist, I really enjoy the flow and versatility that art can adapt to and I’m sure that same fluid aspect is what fashion illustrators thrive off of, too. Simply looking at different fashion illustrators’ design sketches, it’s really inspiring and intriguing to see each artist’s respective interpretations of a well-known designer.

Check out these inspiring fashion illustrators on DeviantArt below:

1. Alexander McQueen

The flow that the watercolor creates works beautifully with the dress.

2. Caricature

This is model Sara Sampaio in a Junko Shimada dress.

3. Dark Inspiration

I am loving the sharp vibes that the intricate lines create.

4. Hello Roaring '20s

Although it may not look like it, this piece was originally created with colored pencils and then was edited on Photoshop.

5. Vogue

This gorgeous illustration was inspired by Vogue Portugal and created with pencil and ink.

Images: Tania-S/DeviantArt (4), Renny222