Woman Does A Kim Kardashian Impression While Giving Boob Tips, And Might Actually Be The Long Lost Fourth Kardashian Sister — VIDEO

Have you ever wanted to receive beauty tips from the worst person in the world? Is your answer sort of yes, but also definitely not? Well this video of a woman doing a Kim Kardashian impression while giving boob tips is an amazingly accurate portrayal of the reality star of your nightmares doing exactly that. It will settle your inner conflict, as good satire always does. For anyone unlucky enough to have ever heard Kim Kardashian speak, Sintara does a perfect Kim Kardashian California-girl voice, and it's more delightful than I ever could have hoped for. Her doe-eyed expression and empty-headed, slow way of moving about also mimics the most prolific Kardashian as though Sintara had been possessed by her spirit.

The description on the video jokingly says, "According to research beauty does have an impact on your confidence leading to success. So learn these beauty secrets to lead you to more opportunities," furthering the Kardashian satire to whole new levels of hilarity. Because as we all know, the only people beauty = career for are the Kardashians (and probably anyone else in Hollywood who is talentless but gorgeous to look at). Sintara's Kim Kardashian tips for achieving the perfect cleavage (is it weird that I still covet tiny little Kate Moss boobs?) are as follows:

1. Have good posture

2. Contour (does it get more "Kardashian" than this?)

3. Wear a padded bra

4. Lift your bra or top straps higher

5. Stitch padding into bikini tops

6. Wear two bras at once

Watch the whole amazing/hilarious impression below:

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