Liberty + Justice T-Shirt Label Will Donate School Uniforms To Liberian Children For Every Tee Sold

Once again, the fashion world responds to a social or economic issue with with an initiative where you can look good and feel even better, and participate passively from wherever you are. Liberty & Justice is launching Uniform, a t-shirt label which will donate school uniforms to Liberian children; actually, they are Kickstarting the label, literally, since there is a coinciding campaign on Kickstarter.

Basically, a uniform will be donated every time a tee is sold. That's about as easy and awesome as it gets, but it's also important to understand the L&J backstory and operations.

Liberty & Justice has the distinction of being Africa's first fair trade apparel maker. According to WWD, the company was founded by Chid Liberty. He was raised in Germany and eventually exiled to the U.S., but he was born in Liberia, so he has roots. The company's goal was to transform the supply chain from exploitive and environmentally problematic to one of partnership and sustainability.

All noble goals right there. While that element may not effect you on a daily basis, purchasing a t-shirt from this line allows you to support these efforts and help a child in need.

Liberty opened the factory in 2010 and it now employees 300 people, 95 percent of which are working moms. The workers share 49 percent equity in the company.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Uniform tees will be made in Liberia and will be sold via Kickstarter for 45 days as of Tuesday, June 2nd. So go ahead, we'll wait while you make yourself a reminder to look 'em up.

The initial goal is to raise $50,000 and to provide 2,000 uniforms. The company has also partnered with the United Nations and the Ministry of Education in Liberia.

I can't wait to see what the tees look like and hope to grab one for myself!

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