Glazed Doughnut Snickers Waffles By Oh Bite It Just Made Your Brunch Game Extra Sweet

It’s not often that I’m speechless or totally lost for words, especially when it comes to food... I mean, you have seen what I do around here, right? But this time? Ohhh... this time, I think I've really done it. I mean, I’m not even sure how to label these glazed doughnut Snickers waffles I've dreamt up... are they dessert? Are they breakfast? Are they just something that you can enjoy at any time and not mention to another living soul? Hmm... it’s a tough one. Well, whatever. All I really need to know is that these babies are a one-of-a-kind, wacky and wonderful waffle of epic (only two ingredient) proportions.

Nothing compares — or even comes close — to what the simple combination of sticky doughnuts and chewy Snickers become when waffle-ized. They’re undeniably, indescribably delicious, as the toasty and gooey waffle literally becomes one with the sweet, nutty Snickers. Top a warm stack of these with some cold ice cream, and the neighbors will be jealous of all the moaning they hear coming from your house.

What You'll Need:

  • A waffle iron
  • Non-stick spray
  • Glazed doughnuts
  • Mini Snickers


1. Slice the doughnuts equally in half, and place a few mini Snickers onto the bottom half.

2. Put the other half on, and place it into the waffle iron, slowly closing it all the way. Take note at how the smell of a hot, glazed doughnut Snickers waffle should totally be a candle.

3. Now, serve them all warm, and ooey-gooey — maybe with some ice cream! Eat 'em for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert! Even a midnight snack... Sshh!

Images: Oh, Bite It