In Other News: June 24, 2013

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You probably read that the Supreme Court bunted on affirmative action today by sending the case in question back down to a lower court—thereby calling nose ghost on a potentially landmark ruling. What you probably missed, however, is conservative Justice Clarence Thomas' written decision, in which he compared affirmative slavery and Jim Crow. To which Twitter replied:

The late journalist Michael Hastings sent a worried email hours before his own death, warning he was going to go "off the rada[r] for a bit," because federal authorities were interviewing his friends. Conspiracy theories abound.

The United States is continuing to pressure Russia to handover Edward Snowden before he gets to Ecuador, and so far, to no avail. Pilots are doing their part to help out by making corny jokes:

In a Wimbledon shocker, tennis superstar Rafael Nadal was knocked out of the tournament by a 135-ranked player. At least he has his modeling career to fall back on?

"Meaningless music" appears to have been banned by the watchdog government in Uzbekistan...and another dream tour for Katy Perry bites the dust.

Scientists have decoded the secret language of prairie dogs, and they are way smarter than they look. Apparently, they can describe a human predator's clothing color and size to each other. Really.

And finally, in other do-do-do news, the Manchester Museum in England says it can't explain why this ancient statue has suddenly started spinning in its display case. If this turns out to be a publicity stunt, good job guys. Otherwise, um, creepy:

(Image:Armani Exchange)