Kendall Jenner Nabs 'Vogue' China Cover (And Slays), So Could U.S. 'Vogue' Be Next?

It's another international magazine cover for the Kardashian family's top model! Kendall Jenner scored the cover of Vogue China and she sparkles like Edward Cullen in her clingy red sequined dress. The elder Jenner sister is draped on the arm of Chinese singer and actor Kris Wu.

Currently, her big sister Kim Kardashian is covering Brazilian Vogue's June 2015 issue as a platinum blonde, so the family has two Vogue covers around the same time. No biggie.

No, Kendall's latest cover is not the U.S. version of the fashion bible. To date, Kim is the only member of the krew to notch that much-coveted honor, but something tells me that a U.S. Vogue cover is in Kendall's future. After all, she and Gigi Hadid are currently the toast of the modeling world.

With a recent Harper's Bazaar cover in her repertoire and this new Vogue nod, Jenner shows no sign of slowing down as she dominates the runway. She always looks so, so pretty and relatable on her mag covers.

Let's just narrow the focus to Vogue China for the moment. With her center-parted hair, doe-eyed expression, and minimal makeup, Jenner exudes a sweetness and an innocence. Her scarlet dress matches the piping on Wu's black suit.

They make quite a handsome pair.

With her hand perched on his shoulder and her other hand on her hip, Jenner strikes a pose with confidence, as well. I love that it's not ostentatious. It's not "Look at me! I'm Kendall Jenner." Instead, it's Kendall cozying up to a handsome dude and giving off those girl-next-door vibes.

Here's Kim's platinum cover for the Brazilian edition of Vogue. Obviously, these covers are styled in totally different ways, since Kendall shares hers with a gentleman and is completely covered up, while Kim is a la carte, rocking a bold hair hue, and showing her midriff.

But the one thing the covers have in common? Both are memorable for each sister.

Image: Kendall Jenner/Twitter (1); Vogue Brasil (1)