When 'Avengers' Thor Meets The Royals: 7 Reasons Why The Princes Of Wales Should Be In A Marvel Movie

Chris Hemsworth is blessing England with his god-like looks. He is currently overseas shooting The Huntsman, and he took a break this past weekend to hang out with his family and the Princes of Wales. Hemsworth, along with his wife Elsa Pataky and three-year old daughter India, attended the Audi Polo Challenge in London. The British royals chatted with the Avenger actor and his family, and it looks like everyone had fantastic time. India got to run around in the lush grass while Hemsworth and Pataky laughed and joked with Prince William and Harry. It was super cute to see the Princes interacting with Hemsworth's baby daughter, especially because Prince William just became a father for the second time, and Prince Harry has made it no secret that he's eager to start a family.

The Hemsworths seemed to be enjoying their time at the Polo Challenge, possibly a bit of a reprieve from a very busy filming schedule and their days parenting three young children. All of this cuteness and fun got me thinking about how amazing it would be to see the royals on the big screen.

You never know, Marvel seems to be announcing exciting news nearly everyday.

Here are seven reasons why Prince William and Prince Harry should make an appearance in an upcoming Marvel movie.

1. We Need Another Red-Headed Superhero

Black Widow is pretty kick-ass on her own. However, wouldn't it be cool if she tried to find her long-last family? She and Prince Harry could cross paths in her quest to find out more of her past.

2. Loki Needs Minions

Loki would do well to get some non-superhero friends on his team. Darcy is BFFs with Jane and Thor so Loki would definitely fare well in his plots and schemes, if he was able to get the royals on his side.

3. Prince George Could Make A Cameo

In Avengers: Age of Ultron we discovered that Hawkeye has a family. It makes you wonder what the rest of the Avengers are hiding. Should Prince William and Prince Harry every decide to make an appearance in any of the Marvel films, they should bring Prince George with them. His reaction to meeting the superheros would be iconic.

4. Thor's Manners Could Use Some Work

Thor's social skills have improved greatly since his first visit to Earth. However, his manners aren't quite as smooth as they could be. No one would be better at giving Thor pointers on his manners then the royals.

5. The Royals + Marvel Would Give Every Other Studio A Run For Their Money

The only thing that's better than royalty is being a superhero, but what if we could see a combination of the two? I mean, can you even imagine what kind of epic powers Marvel could give the Princes of Wales if they made a cameo appearance.

6. The Avengers Need European Headquarters

It seems grossly unfair that the Avengers headquarters are located only in the United States. If something goes down in the rest of the world, it wold take forever for the Avengers to respond. Therefore, it would probably be best if another Avengers headquarters was set up in Europe. Prince William and Prince Harry could attend the ribbon cutting ceremony.

7. Nick Fury's Recruitment of The Royals

Can you imagine Nick Fury trying to get Prince William and Prince Harry to join the Avengers? His speeches are legendary, but I don't see the royals coming to the team easily.

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