Cara Delevingne Releases 4th Mulberry Collection

In case you didn't know, Cara D. is a busy girl. In addition to acting and modeling, Cara Delevingne has just launched her handbag collaboration with Mulberry and it is as cool as the British supermodel herself. Channeling a lot of personal factors she holds close to heart, Cara created a line of handbags that truly do resemble her spunky, yet classy style. Ranging from khaki camo to quilted designs, the collection presents a range of options to choose from, and although a little pricey, I'd definitely say it's worth the investment!

While the bags were influenced by Cara's aesthetic, she reveals what she really had in mind for the collection and how she included little hints of her stamped on each handbag, literally. She explains, "I want there to be hidden gems inside, based on things that are personal to me, which my tattoos definitely are." Cool? Super cool.

Mulberry writes on their website, "The bags are made in England at Mulberry’s factories in Somerset and this is proudly stamped on the bottom of each bag, inspired by Cara’s own made in England tattoo on the sole of the foot."

See? It's like carrying a Cara tattoo with you everywhere you go. Seems like an excellent handbag to me.

Take a look at how fab they are. The collection also includes iPad/iPhone accessories and wallets, of course:

(Cara Delevingne iPad Sleeve, Blue Camo Printed Goat, $310)

(Cara Delevingne Small Pouch, Steel Blue Quilted Nappa, $390)

(Cara Delevingne Strap Pochette, Khaki Camo Printed Goat, $470)

(Cara Delevingne Bag with Rivets, Oxblood Silky Classic Calf, $2,880)

(Large Cara Delevingne Bag, Black Quilted Lamb Nappa, $2,240)

Images: Mulberry