Vishonda Sims' Amazing 'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 12 Audition Will Tug On Your Heart Strings

Wow. Not since Comfort from Season 4 have I seen a female hip hop dancer who is so fierce and could go extremely far in the So You Think You Can Dance competition. But Vishonda Sims may just be that person. I cannot pray hard enough that she'll pick up choreography and make it through to the Top 10 Street dancers. Sims, a dancer from Dallas, Texas, was the only real female street dancer that was properly showcased in the Dallas auditions, and she was one of only three in the entire Season 12 premiere of SYTYCD . To be fair, there really haven't been many female Hip Hop dancers in So You Think You Can Dance's history (at least not in the Top 20/Top 10 competition rounds). All I can think of are Comfort and Season 10's Mariah. But seriously guys, if Sims can show the ability and potential to really grow while working with the Street Team mentor Twitch and choregraphers in Las Vegas, she could be one to watch on the Street team even over many of the memorable male street dancers. And wouldn't that be a sight to see?

Sims' story was a tragic one. At only 18 years old, she has already had to take care of her grandmother who was paralyzed after a terrible car accident, and she passed away recently. But everything she feels, she puts into her dance. Nigel was a little worried she wouldn't be able to connect because she would internalize all of her emotions, but that did not end up being a problem at all. In fact the only critiques the judges were able to give her was that she needed to move a little more and that she was a tad static. But all of the judges had one word for her performance: "Wow."

Images: Screenshot/FOX