Girl Eats 5 Pounds Of Yakisoba For Kicks, And The Rest Of The World Needs To Get On Her Level — VIDEO

Dear people who compete in eating challenges: HOW? I was mystified enough by watching Molly Schuyler eat 13 pounds of steak. She meant business. Then that New Zealand model ate a two pound burrito in less than two minutes even though it was probably the size of a baby, and OK, yeah, it blew my mind a little bit. But those were for prizes. Cash money prizes that buy important things, like novelty socks and Nutella. This girl who ate 5 pounds of yakisoba? Well, she's more badass than any of us. She did this just because she can.

Let me tell you straight off the bat that 5 pounds of any kind of food is nothing to sneeze at, but this yakisoba is downright terrifying. What is Yakisoba, you might be wondering? It literally translates to fried buckwheat, but it's essentially a bunch of fried noodles. Delicious when enjoyed in regular human quantities, but in a bucketful, probably not so much.

This does nothing to faze our brave heroine, though, who not only conquered this apocalyptically large bowl of noodles, but did the whole thing with a peppy smile on her face. I suspect she several secret stomachs under the table, but as I don't speak Japanese, I can't confirm or deny. If you want to follow in her fried noodle footsteps, here are all the steps she took on her adventure:

The ginormous food prep


Hey, if you're going to stuff your face with food, you might as well make sure it's up to snuff.

Dig in


I honestly didn't have faith in her at the beginning of this video. I am ashamed of me.

Casually pause for gratuitous mayonnaise


She didn't just eat 5 pounds of yakisoba. There is at least half a bottle of mayo in here, guys. RESPECT.

Become a champion


Well, that was unexpectedly precious. Anybody else ready for dessert?

You can watch the whole saga here:

木下ゆうか Yuka Kinoshita on YouTube

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