5-Year-Old Girl Recreates Photos Of Historic Women, And She Is An Adorable Inspiration To Us All — PHOTOS

Close your eyes and imagine the best Halloween costume you had as a kid. Now open your eyes, and feast your them on the ridiculously awesome outfits on this little girl. No matter how cool of a cat you were in you kindergarten days, I'm doubting any of your costumes were quite as noteworthy as this 5-year-old girl who recreates photos of historic women, wearing their exact clothes and assuming their same poses in amazing detail.

On any given day, Lily is an astronaut, a celebrated author, and a famous singer. The sky is the limit. Her father Marc Bushelle is a Brooklyn based photographer, and he and his wife Janine have been been using the costumes as a way of teaching Lily about strong, independent women who made their own success.

According to Bushelle,

I wanted Lily to be able to identify with them and in turn, build her sense of self-worth. I wanted her to be able to see herself as a future heroine. I feel that we might be succeeding in this as well as teaching, inspiring and uplifting everyone from little girls to gown ups along the way, myself included. This makes me very happy and fuels my fire!

Here are some of the heroines Lily has portrayed so far:

Mother Teresa

Admiral Michelle J. Howard

Misty Copeland

Toni Morrison

Queen Latifah

Nina Simone

Bessie Coleman

Grace Jones


Mae Jemison

Josephine Baker

Shirley Chisholm

Can't wait to see which photo she will recreate next! You can follow Lily's adventures on her father's photography page here.

Images: Marc-Bushelle-Photography/Facebook(12)