What Your Favorite Late Night Drunk Munchie Says About Your Personality, Whether You're Into Cold Pizza Or Cheetos

You may not realize it at the time when you're reaching for a slice of cold pizza, a bowl of mac and cheese, or that bag of chips at three in the morning after a long night out, but what your favorite late night drunk munchie says about your personality is pretty enlightening. Don't believe me? Spoon University has paired up different types of people with the snacks they're most likely to reach for after an evening of boozy shenanigans, and let's just say there's a reason why you find yourself drawn to that bag of Cheetos. See what your favorite drunchie says about you.

Every Friday night around 1 a.m., you'll find most of my school's population packed into the bottom floor of our student center, salivating over the grill as they drunkenly waited for their French fries and grilled cheeses to magically arrive on their plates.

But smaller groups of students, still tottering in their heels, meander towards the ice cream bar or the stacks of shiny candy bars, cringing at the prospect of a grilled cheese this late at night.

After weekends of observing these late night eaters, I began to notice trends and personalities between drunchie snacks and the types of people who eat 'em. Here's what I found.

Cheetos: The Drunk Adventurer

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You’ve got a rebellious side that comes out after a few jello shots (need some help with making a batch of your own? We got you). You’ll charm your way into the bar when it’s already packed, or sneak Chinese food into your movie theater for a Saturday night showing (you may or may not also have a rebellious streak in the bright light of day). Your friends know you for always getting involved in some late night shenanigans.

S’mores Pop-Tarts: The Snuggler

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Just the way the warm, homemade marshmallow and chocolate makes you want to curl up with a snuggie, you lurrve getting cozy with your roomies after sharing a bottle of wine. And there may or may not be videos of you mumbling incoherently into the cushions like a sleepy koala.

Nutella: The Aca-Drunk

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You know all of the words to Pitch Perfect. You can’t decide whether you’d rather have the vocal range of Brittany Snow or Anna Kendrick. You’re in your school’s acapella group — and you really have had a riff off.

And whenever T-Swift comes on — even if you’re mid-drink — harmonizing is bound to happen. LOTS of harmonizing. It is a beast in you that cannot be tamed.

Cookie Butter: The Creative Drunchie Maker

Photo by Hannah Skiest

Even though it’s three in the morning and you have drunkenly refused to change out of your clothes that reek of whiskey, you’re in the kitchen making a pimped out grilled cheese. IT’S THREE IN THE MORNING. THE GRILLED CHEESE WITH TRUFFLE OIL AND BACON CAN WAIT.

Find out how to make your own cookie butter right here (and subscribe to Bustle's YouTube for more delicious tutorials!):

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Bougy Hot Dogs: The Drunk Who’s A Classy MoFo The Morning After

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They walk into class with their shirt ironed and their hair freshly washed — and you have to pause to see the telltale shine of regret in their eyes. You can count on them acting like a champ the morning after, no matter how hard they went the night before.

Cold Leftover Pizza: The “It-Could-Be-Worse” Drunk

Photo by Christine Chang

Cold pizza is still pizza, even if it's been sitting on the counter in the pizza box from the night before when you demanded pepperoni appear at your door (or demanded your roommate made it for you in quesadilla form). It could be worse. Just how this person will constantly apologize for “being sooo drunk,” but they could be way worse. Trust me on this.

Greek Yogurt And Frozen Berries: The Drunk Who Has Their Sh*t Together

Photo by Justin Schuble

This person always remembers to drink a large glass of water before bed; they've always got a creative healthy snack prepped the night before going out. This person will also be the recipient of my hungover hatred when they come bounding into my room at 10 a.m. with a boatload of energy. I hiss at you.

Mac N’ Cheese: The Homemaker Drunk

Photo by Kai Huang

This person will go on for HOURS asking “Is it really worth the effort to deal with downtown tonight?” after pre-gaming. Just like our basic mac n’ cheese (and we give you the ultimate ranking here), they know that sometimes the easiest way is the best way.

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This article was originally written by Megan Hennessey for Spoon University.

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