Bryce Dallas Howard Says Chris Pratt Would Make A Good President, But Andy From 'Parks & Rec' Would Be A Better One

Of all the celebrities I wish were my best friends, Chris Pratt is definitely near the top of my list. He seems like such a sweet guy — talented, funny, good natured — so it's only natural that the people who actually get to be BFF with Pratt are pretty thankful for the opportunity. In fact, his Jurassic Worldco-star Bryce Dallas Howard thinks Pratt should run for president, that's how much she likes him. And honestly, her reasoning makes a ton of sense. While talking to HuffPost Live, Howard said:

As far as I'm concerned: Chris Pratt for president! He'd save us. He's strong, and he has great eyes. He's hilarious, charming, and all those things, but the guy is kind and has impeccable integrity. He's a really special individual. Seeing him work in this movie — which happened right before Guardians of the Galaxy came out — we could all feel [it]. It's impossible to not. When Guardians did so well, I thought, "We need guys like this — guys of this quality to be public figures." He's a great example for all of us.

It's impossible not to watch anything that Chris Pratt has ever been in and not fall in love with him, so it's not surprising at all that his co-stars would feel the same way after working with him. And although I totally agree with Howard that Pratt would make an excellent president, I think it's obvious who would make an even better one: His Parks & Rec character, Andy Dwyer. He'd never win, of course, because I can't see a universe where Andy would run for president that he wouldn't run opposed to Leslie Knope (or that Leslie wouldn't be the incumbent), but he'd be pretty great at running the country for all kinds of reasons.

He already has government experience

Well, kind of. I mean, as much as anyone else in the Pawnee parks department does, anyway.

He could never tell a convincing lie

Isn't that most people's issue with politicians? That they lie? Totally wouldn't happen with Andy, because he'd never be able to get away with it. Besides, once he made a promise he'd probably feel unhealthily committed to actually making it come true. In fact, he may actually be too honest with the American people. Maybe this is a bad thing.

He'd create a way better national anthem

If it's anything like "Bye Bye Lil Sebastian" and is originally recorded by Mouserat, I'm totally in. The lyrics Andy writes would probably be far more interesting, probably because he'd have no idea what half the words in "The Star Spangled Banner" actually mean.

He genuinely cares about people

And because of that, he would be super motivated to make decisions that would improve the lives of as many people as possible.

April would be an amazing first lady

As much as I adore Michelle Obama, April would totally be the anti-Michelle Obama in the best possible way. Andy brings the sweetness and light, April brings the right amount of "this entire country is going to hell," and I think it's just what we need.

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