Boyfriend And Girlfriend Play Basketball At Target, And She Is The MVP Of Putting Up With Shenanigans — VIDEO

When you love someone, sometimes you have to put up with some crap that's really, really lame. Like this couple who played basketball at Target. Bless this girlfriend, who goes along with her boyfriend's shenanigans even though she doesn't seem nearly as enthusiastic about it as he is, which is totally acceptable and relatable to me. In the video's description, basketball boyfriend writes:

"I took my girlfriend shopping AGAIN!! This time its NBA finals with the MVP Curry and the Warriors playing Lebron and the the Cavaliers! Who do you think won this match between my girlfriend and I? Thumbs up for my Girlfriend!"

She might not have been as an enthusiastic a participant, but I'm giving the win to the girlfriend, for her patience and devotion to her annoying as hell boyfriend. I mean, this girl really puts up with a lot, and she does it with good humor. There's really not that many people who would allow their partner to do this kind of crap, especially in public. Although as anyone in a relationship knows, your threshold is much higher when you're in love with someone and you'll find yourself pretending things are funny that you never imagined you'd be able to fake. Such is love.

Here's the full video here:

qiasomar on YouTube

This woman is basically living my life. I understand the pain of being in love with a dedicated sports fan. Including:

1. Having to watch ALL THE GAMES

2. Having to listen to in-depth post-game analysis

3. Having to wear team colors even if they don't suit you

4. Joining his fantasy league

5. Putting up with all the moping that occurs when his team loses

Moment of silence for all disinterested partners of sports fans everywhere.

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