Saint Laurent Ad Banned Due To "Unhealthiliy Thin" Model In Another Small Step Towards Size Inclusivity

Another day, another fashion brand under fire for allegedly promoting an unhealthy body image. A Saint Laurent ad running in ELLE UK was banned for featuring an ultra thin model. The initiative to prohibit unsafe body standards has only been growing in recent years (Italy, France, and Israel have all set appropriate BMI requirements), so why won't these fashion companies learn?

The print ad in question stars Kiki Willems, an 18-year-old Dutch model and a brand regular. According to the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK, there was concern over "the model’s chest, where her rib cage was visible and appeared prominent," in addition to her legs, because "her thighs and knees appeared a similar width." Fashonista reports. The ASA has decided that "the model appeared unhealthily underweight in the image and concluded that the ad was irresponsible." Bustle has reached out to both ELLE UK and Saint Laurent for comment.

Of course, it's impossible to tell if the model is healthy just by looking at a photo, but this could encourage advertisers to consider a wider range of body types during casting. While we have been making great strides towards size inclusivity and breaking the mold of the one-dimensional body ideal, it seems we still have much work to do.

Take a look at the photo below.