So Many Mixed Emotions Over RJ Mitte

It must be said straightaway that RJ Mitte is a champion. I mean, not only for dealing with Walter White as his father on Breaking Bad, but also because he's basically a walking billboard for overcoming adversity. He could've very easily been swayed to stay away from his dream of acting — bullies and naysayers are never kind to those with disabilities like Mitte's cerebral palsy — and we have all the respect in the world for him. He's living the goddamn dream that most folks can barely even muster up the courage to dream about, let alone do. Which is why we're having a really hard time grappling with our mixed emotions over the news that Mitte here fancies himself a music man now.

"What instruments do you play, RJ?" You ask him in your head because the likelihood of finding RJ Mitte in your home is small. "I'm learning guitar, I'm learning piano," he says. "Just learning?" You question. "I'm working on it right now," he counters. "We'll see what happens."

"Oh! Well OK. I sort of figured if you wanted to do something like this professionally you'd have a more longstanding relationship with the medium," your imaginary conversation continues. Mitte perks up, explaining, "I love music. My house is constantly filled with music — from vinyl to the thousands and thousands of songs on my hard drive."

"Well that's nice! So you're just going to dabble and have fun with it then, since making music of a living involves mastering an art that takes years of practice and hard work to achieve, right?" You ask, growing more fearful by the second. Mitte just shakes his head no, indicating he has much bigger plans than all that. "I'm working on a music career," he insists.

You look at him, unsure what to make of his determination to be in a band without any sort of training, but Mitte clearly senses your apprehension and strikes back with a bit of his own insecurities about the matter, "I have a bit of an issue as I only have one good hand and one good ear," he starts. "But I'm slowly getting over it one day at a time. We'll see what happens."

Great, now we feel like an asshole. We would've all been better to have just smiled, nodded, and ignored this.