8 Ways A Grown-Ass Man Treats A Woman At A Bar, Because He's Confident Enough To Hit The Dance Floor

To some women, the bar is a war zone, and its only soldiers are single men trying to get laid. I’m sure most of you already know this fact, as it’s by no means a revolution. What may not be as obvious, however, is the presence of genuine dudes at these same bars — you know, grown-ass men. Because no matter how many Jager-fueled idiots have grinded on your ass without permission, some men at these bars are actually interested in meeting a prospective girlfriend and pursuing a relationship. It’s true, you can meet a good guy at a bar. one of my closest buddies met his girlfriend at a bar about a year ago and — I don’t want to get presumptuous here, but – I’m pretty sure they’ll be engaged by the end of 2015.

So the next time you find yourself in a bar setting — be it a pub, club, or TGI Fridays— be on the lookout for these grown-ass men, because they’re definitely present, you just may not be able to find them amongst the much more aggressive man-children who slur their way through the pick-up line they Googled on their smartphones. To aid in your search, here are some characteristics of grown-ass men at the bar.

1. He Will Actually Dance


A grown-ass man isn’t a wallflower. He won’t mock the guy who gets up on that floor and dances like no one’s watching – he is that guy. A grown-ass man is confident enough in himself to look a little clumsy on the dance floor, and understands that a woman would rather a guy who attempts something he’s not great at (or maybe he is), than a guy who considers himself too suave to even try.

2. He Asks You To Dance


As I mentioned, too many men deduce that it’s alright to grind against a lady’s ass without her consent. The reason guys do this, of course, is to skip the awkward (but necessary) step of introducing himself and asking permission to dance. Instead, he gives you no choice in the matter, believing his method is foolproof and you’ll go along with it. He’s wrong; all you has to do is turn around, witness how much of a creep the guy is, and grab your friend to serve as a placeholder until he leaves. A grown-ass man would never do this, as knows how to approach a woman.

3. He Only Uses Pick-Up Lines As A Joke (Or Doesn’t Use Them At All)


Male or female, everybody knows a pick-up line shouldn’t be delivered in a serious manner. However, if it’s clever and original enough, a cheesy pick-up line can actually be an effective icebreaker, should it be delivered as a joke. This seductive line of poetry should then be followed with an explanation as to why he hit on her in such a piss-poor way, and if she responds warmly, he will buy her a drink and get to know her further.

4. He Won’t Fight ­


Bar fights are usually the result of over-consumption and jealousy. The only aggression a grown-ass man should present is his aggression toward pursuing you. If another man disrespects you, however, he will try to settle things as diplomatically as possible, knowing that you hate physical violence and that violence doesn’t really solve anything.

5. He Keeps His Hands To Himself


When I inquired about the things men do at bars that pissed women off most, my girlfriend told me she’d hate it when guys inconspicuously grabbed her butt as she walked by. This was news to me. Of course, when she’d turn around, the bar was too crowded to source who had smacked her ass. A man cannot possibly think this will go over well, which means the only possible reason he does it is to impress friends with this perverted bravery. Of course, a grown-ass man doesn’t feel the need to impress his friends and therefore keeps his hands to himself – and an alcoholic beverage, probably.

6. He Has Cash On Him


A grown-ass man has cash on his person so that he can buy his buddies a round of drinks (to which they’ll reciprocate) and to buy a girl he’s interested in a beverage. He understands this purchased drink doesn’t mean she has to speak with him, but he hopes she will. An immature man will buy women drinks as well, but a grown-ass man buys a drink to get to know a girl better, not as an attempt to get laid. He also tips the bartender — but that’s beside the point.

7. He Will Ask For Her Contact Information


A grown-ass man takes it upon himself to ask for a lady’s contact information, not the other way around so he feels like he has the upper hand. While a lot of men will do this, only a grown-ass man will text or contact you the following day to take you on a proper date.

8. He Won’t Get Sh*t-Faced


A grown-ass man isn’t a candidate for getting kicked out of a bar. Therefore, there’s a good chance he won’t be the guy shouting “JAGER BOMBS!” and smashing dozens of shots before midnight because the drinks are cheaper.

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