Bath & Body Works Brings Back Cucumber Melon & Other Favorites, So Get Ready For Beauty Nostalgia

If you long for the days of scented body glitter and brown lipliner, you're in luck. Bath & Body Works is re-releasing six of its consumer-favored scents under the name #FlashbackFragrance, Racked reports. Forget Flashback Friday, because this heady trip down memory lane lasts much longer than a single day.

Bath & Body Works's decision to re-issue its trademark scents comes on the heels of strategic business moves to expand including debuting the company's premiere store on Maui. Beginning on June 8, consumers will have the option to purchase the company's lauded lotion, mist, shower gel, and cream renditions of Bath & Body Works' White Tea and Ginger, Country Apple, Plumeria, Juniper Breeze, Cucumber Melon, and Pearberry fragrances. Good Housekeeping trumpeted the news after Bath & Body works filled the inboxes of email list serve members with the joyful words, "You asked, we listened!"

Considering the ubiquity of Bath & Body Works' scents during the early aughts, the company's actions are a shrewd move to appeal to former brand devotees, as well as lure new consumers. Will you bask in the crisp White Tea and Ginger body wash or celebrate summer with a spritz of Juniper Breeze? The options are seemingly endless — at least until the offer concludes July 5.

Image: bathandbodyworks/Instagram