Husband Remodels Kitchen As A Surprise For His Wife, And Her Reaction Is The Most Awkward Thing On The Internet — VIDEO

If you're one of those people who is still wishing someone would Extreme Home Makeover your kitchen, then you're about to be furious. Because while we're all sitting at home in our average kitchens with leaky sinks and a grease stains around the burners, there's a lady who hated a surprise kitchen remodel that cost her husband $60,000. Not to mention that he slaved away to get it ready for her in less than a week.

What would the kitchen of your dreams have? (Mine would have all metal appliances, an electric stove and a vibrantly colored electric mixer for all the elaborate baking I don't do.) Well, this woman got double burners, a ridiculously dope ice machine (What? It's almost summer and frozen drinks season is upon us), and a stunning fridge I would have very dirty dreams about. She got completely hooked up, and I honestly hope her reaction was staged. In this atrocious gem of a video, the woman—who, by the way, was sent on vacation while her husband redid the kitchen—scoffs at her new kitchen. She calls the new stoves unnecessary, and the walls "puke yellow."

Speaking as someone who just moved and still doesn't have most kitchen appliances, I'll take that microwave if she doesn't want it. And I honestly don't hate the yellow walls, I'd take them over my "white and definitely going to get dirty" plaster.

Watch her reaction and I guarantee your heart will break:


If those coffee pots show up on eBay, I'm buying one.

Images: YouTube