Karlie Kloss Reveals Why She Wore Flats To The CFDA Awards, And Her Reason Is Awesome

One of Taylor Swift's besties and Bad Blood music video stars, supermodel Karlie Kloss, has no fashion fears. In fact, Karlie Kloss chose to wear flats with her plunging scoop-V dress to the CFDA Awards this past Monday night, as HuffPo Style reported. The supermodel's decision to not wear heels wasn't out of being self-conscious about her height, but actually a way more awesome reason.

The glamazon admitted she loved heels, but said she chose flats over heels at the awards ceremony because "it was the perfect opportunity to wear flats on the red carpet." Kloss added, "I think it actually takes extra confidence to get out on the red carpet in flats and rock it. And the dress was too short for me to wear heels, so I had to make it work." Kloss, you didn't just make it work, you owned it. And bonus points of awesome for rocking flats out of confidence versus insecurity.

The celeb channeled all that extra confidence into her firecracker red and black patterned Diane Von Furstenberg dress, too. Regarding the plunging neckline, she confessed to HuffPo, "I'm not taped in ... I'm just keeping an eye on all angles." Talk about brave. Luckily, Kloss didn't suffer any wardrobe malfunctions, and looked effortlessly glamorous the whole evening.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Image Credit: Getty Images