Eight-Year-Old Christian McPhilamy Grew Out His Hair So He Could Donate It To Children With Hair Loss

There's no secret to the fact that bullying is rampant for kids, but the issue is particularly troubling when those facing the torment are undergoing such abuse for a good cause. In Melbourne, Florida, eight-year-old Christian McPhilamy donated his hair, but he was met with harsh criticism from his peers. The amazing little boy, however, stayed true to his mission, ignored the bullies, and donated his locks to an amazing cause.

In case you're wondering where an eight year old boy gets the idea to donate hair, Christian saw an ad for Saint Jude's Research Hospital and was positively inspired. It took him two years to complete his hair growth, but he's finally done it! Christian donated four 10-inch ponytails to Children with Hairloss. In case you've ever wondered what happens to hair once it's donated, it's a tearjerking process but well worth the effort. That's probably why, according to Christian's mom, Deeanna Thomas, she couldn't be more proud of her son.

Deeanna took to her Facebook page in order to express the issues her son has dealt with while attempting to grow his hair. Thompson wrote, "He has endured an awful lot of criticism, and yes even bullying, throughout this time...From his peers calling him a girl to even coaches and family friends telling him he should cut it or offering him money to." Christian, unfortunately, isn't the first child to undergo bullying for growing out or cutting their hair. However, it's his perseverance that makes his donation so meaningful.

Way to go Christian! You are our hero.

Images: Deeanna Thomas/Facebook (3)