Menswear Dog Shares Summer Wedding Fashions With NY Times, Plus 5 Style Tips We Learned From Him

Everyone's favorite menswear model Bodhi aka 'Menswear Dog' modeled some summer wedding fashions for the New York Times Men's Style section. Bodhi is proof to men everywhere that it isn't that hard to look great for a summer wedding, considering he mastered it, and he's a dog.

Bodhi knows how to dress for every occasion, climate, and locale, so his looks cover the gamut. For a New York wedding, he recommends wearing a brown sport coat with a black button down underneath. For Havana, he breaks all of the typical wedding rules, wearing a light sport coat and florals. Bodhi even suggests wearing a polo to a Monterey, Calif. wedding. Bold, Bodhi. Bold.

Menswear Dog doesn't just excel at wedding fashion. He's given men some knockout advice over the years since the Tumblr started in 2013, including the importance of fit and always choosing timeless simplicity over trendy pieces. Menswear Dog even has a book coming out for men with little to no idea of how to properly dress themselves (hallelujah).

Here are some other rules we've learned from Menswear Dog along his journey to style stardom.

1. Accessories are important

Whether its a nice fedora or a pair of chic sunglasses, a few good accessories can make or break a look.

2. Suits will never go out of style

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but in case you've ever had any doubts, suits are never going out of style and Bodhi is proof of that.

3. Wear stripes if you want to instantly look chic

Stripes are an easy way to look chic. Add a banana like Bodhi if you really want to look like a French sailor.

4. Turtlenecks are back

This winter marked the return of the turtleneck and Bodhi has solidified its place in our closets.

5. Layers will always look good

Add some depth to your outfit. The more pieces, the better, as long as you share Bodhi's innate sense of style.

Images: Menswear Dog/Instagram (6)