This Pregnancy Prank Gone Wrong Is Exactly Why We Should All Just Stick To Whoopee Cushions And Call It A Day — VIDEO

Look, I have to start this off by saying that despite my wholehearted irritation for them, I have mad respect for pranksters. I once tried to trick someone into thinking it was a Friday on a Thursday and I started laughing like a dying hyena before I could even get the sentence out. But it's the pranksters that can really, truly commit that might be the ones that get themselves into the most trouble, as evidenced by this pregnancy prank gone wrong. I have never exhausted so many of the faces muscles I use for cringing at once. I might just need to lay down for a few years to shake this off.

The prank starts simply enough: The girlfriend, who has set up a camera in the corner, walks in to tell her boyfriend that she is pregnant. They've been dating for three years and she's been off birth control for a few months, so it shouldn't be a total surprise, right? Like, at first I almost felt bad for the guy, because maybe he really wanted a kid and at the end of the prank he would end up in sad sauce tears. That's what I thought the "gone wrong" was referring to. Alas, I could not have been further from the mark.

First, he asks her over and over if it's a prank


Like, an absurd number of times. At some point you'll wonder if this is the only thing he has the ability to say.

The first plot twist


GASP. SHOCK. WUT. Nobody was expecting it to get this dark.

A lot of emotions all over the place


They both deserve Oscars for this, really.

The second plot twist


Apparently you can't prank a prankster, guys.

Godspeed to whatever spawn they eventually have together, for it will either be so #done with its parents that it will move out as soon as it is legally able, or it will basically be the mortal version of Loki. Here's the full video for all your cringeworthy needs:

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