Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Emotion” Is The Perfect Embodiment Of Her Signature Sound — LISTEN

New Carly Rae! New Carly Rae! AHHH! On Tuesday evening, Carly Rae Jepsen premiered "Emotion," the title track from her forthcoming new album, and it's a glorious '80s-inspired pop gem that you don't want to miss. Admittedly, the song doesn't stray too far from the sugary sweet sound of the singer's 2012 major label debut, Kiss, but if you ask me, that's not a bad thing. After all, Kiss is one of my favorite pop albums of all time! I think "Emotion" is the perfect embodiment of Jepsen's signature style: it's bouncy, it's infectious, and its lyrics, which find the 29-year-old artist singing to a former flame, pack an emotional punch. (Get it? They pack an emotional punch? Yup, I'm done.)

On the first verse and pre-chorus, Jepsen teases:

Be tormented by me, babe

Wonder, wonder how I do

How's the weather? Am I better?

Better now that there's no you?

Drink tequila for me, babe

Let it hit you cool and hot

Let your feelings be revealing

That you can't forget me not

Not a flower on the wall

I am growing 10 feet, 10 feet tall

In your head and I won't stop

Until you forget me, get me not

The chorus is transcendent:

In your fantasy, dream about me

And all that we could do with this emotion

Fantasy, dream about me

And all that we could do with this emotion

This emotion, I feel it

This emotion, you feel it

All that we could do with this emotion

The three songs we've heard from Jepsen's upcoming project thus far ("I Really Like You," "All That," and now, "Emotion") are all fantastic. And just think, when the LP finally drops (hopefully sometime later this summer), we'll have 14 more new tracks to enjoy! She sure knows how to treat her fans right. I can hardly wait.

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