LOFT's "Best Summer Ever" Videos Featuring Female Comedians Are The Realest

Just in case LOFT wasn’t already your favorite place to shop, it definitely will be now! LOFT has partnered with three female comedians from L.A. to bring you the “Best Summer Ever” videos. And I assure you, this isn't your typical depiction of summer. You know — the ones that feature trips to Ibiza and all of these farfetched (and far from the truth) “summer is the perfect time of year” types of advertising. Because in real life, summer is hot and sticky and your ice cream melts and so does your makeup. LOFT just gets it.

If a brand is able to understand how your summer really is, aren’t they the brand you want to be wearing when there’s no AC in your car and the beach is more sandy than sexy? One look at these videos and you’ll see what I mean. The “Best Summer Ever” will run as a series throughout the summer, with the first video already available online. It features two friends who attend a cat lady’s pool party — because we’ve all got friends like that, don’t we?

Comedians Ashley Clements, Irene Choi and Hayley Huntley bring these crazy and hilariously funny moments to life. The ladies are all just really real in these ridiculous scenarios, and part of what makes it so funny is that we’ve all had moments like these.

LOFT on YouTube

So, if this video describes your life the way it does mine, be sure to keep checking LOFT’s website to see these all-too-real depictions, and maybe pick up a few summer essentials while you’re there. I mean if you’re on the website anyways… might as well do some shopping, am I right?

Image: LOFT screengrab