4 Nickelodeon Gameshow Classics That Ryan Seacrest's New Series Must Live Up To

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Does this guy ever sleep? Ryan Seacrest, the media mogul/American Idol host/radio personality/Kardashian exec, can now add a new job to his insanely long resume — kids' game show producer. On Nov. 13, it was announced that Ryan Seacrest Productions has sold 40 episodes of Go Viral, a game show for kids set to air on Nickelodeon in 2014.

Go Viral will feature young contestants testing their knowledge of viral videos by competing in challenges ranging from guessing the videos' popularity to predicting their outcomes. A half-hour, studio-based show, Go Viral will see its contestants eliminated each round until a victor is crowned.

If you ignore the fact that a game show based on 10-year-olds' knowledge of YouTube basically signifies the end of the world, Go Viral definitely has promise. As any '90s kid can attest, Nickelodeon knows its game shows. Hopefully, Go Viral will live up to its predecessors, shows that are etched in the memory of every scrunchie-wearing, Fresh Prince-loving now-20 something in America, but it's doubtful. Old Nickelodeon game shows were just too good. Seacrest can try his hardest, but it's unlikely Go Viral or any other show will ever compare to these five Nick game show classics.

Image: Nickelodeon

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