Kate Spade (The Person) Makes A Design Comeback

If you're a fashion-forward lady out there with a super girly, but modern, sense of style, Kate Spade is surely your favorite go-to brand. Well, get excited because the woman behind the brand, Kate Spade herself, is returning to design with a new collection of shoes and handbags.

Most probably never even realized, but Spade and her husband, Jack, left their eponymous labels all the way back in July 2007 after Claiborne acquired the company from the Neiman Marcus Group for $125 million in November 2006. The couple wanted to spend their time focusing on raising their daughter rather than on their hugely successful brand, an understandable move for any new parents. Spade told WWD at the time, “This is a hard decision, and I feel very emotional about it. But the emotions would be more about melancholy if I thought we weren’t doing the right thing.”

Well now, Kate Spade has decided to make her much anticipated return to fashion, and the designs are sure to pack a major punch — and hopefully feature her signature neon prep with an edge aesthetic. Spade will actually be launching an entirely new label, since her's has now been sold, and while the name has yet to be revealed, she's confirmed that her debut offerings will consist of a full, extensive shoe line as well as a few handbags.

Retailers are expected to start viewing the line next week, with pieces hitting stores right around the holidays. I certainly know what will be on my Christmas list this year.