The 'Ghost' TV Reboot & 4 Other Remakes That Have Us Scratching Our Heads

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If you're a television fanatic like me, you've always got your eye on what new shows are in development. (I, for one, want to plan out my 2014 fall DVR schedule well in advance). Recently, it seems that there has been a strange pattern in the TV industry when it comes to developing new TV. What's the apparent "magic bullet" for a TV show these days? Rebooting a fan favorite film or TV show for the modern day audience.

It's worked so far with TV shows like Bates Motel and Hannibal, which provide a fresh take on the characters and plots from Hitchcock's Psycho and Thomas Harris' Red Dragon Trilogy (or, if you don't read, Manhunter, Silence of the Lambs, and all of the Oscar winner's terrible sequels).

But while these shows seem to be gaining considerable success, I can't help but be a bit skeptical when it comes to some of the other reboots that are currently being developed within the industry. Because, seriously, some of these are just plain weird. Here's a list of the most bizarre reboot ideas currently being shopped around the industry.

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