These Ferret Babies Following Their Mom Just Scurried Their Way Into Your Heart — VIDEO

I'm terrified of rodents. I can recite to you the last 3-4 times I saw a city rat, and explain in great detail exactly how I freaked out about them, and what pitch my shriek hits. This paralyzing phobia isn't so terrible, but it does mean I have an aversion to cute things on the Internet that other people tend to "awwwww" at. Take these ferret babies following their mom, for example. They're trotting along and it's just, like, so mallard ducks of them. But here's the thing—their TAILS are so alarming that it's killing the whole vibe for me.

Anyway, for those of you who are less anhedonic when it comes to cute Internet videos, here's this super cute vid you should check out. Let me know how it feels to watch ferrets and not want to run in the other direction.

Also, fair warning, there's a very real element of heart break here. This poor ferret tribe is very every ferret for themselves. Very cutthroat and representative of the cruel world, as much as you can get in a narrative that's entirely about baby ferrets following their mom. They're scaling the wall and constantly falling! It's truly heartbreaking. And the one who almost can't make it?! Why isn't anyone trying to help that poor guy?



Struggles of an underdog just trynna LIVE.

For the full video that so perfectly explains how fast you are trying to get to the end of this day, Watch:

Jeff Zenger on YouTube

Images: Fotolia; YouTube