11 People From College You Can Unfriend

If you've recently graduated college, there's a good chance that you're somewhat in limbo with your life plans. You and your friends have promised to stay close no matter where your paths take you, but there are certain people from college you don't need to stay in touch with anymore. Like, at all. After applying for what seems like 900 jobs daily (even the sketchy sounding ones on Craigslist that end up being door-to-door sales), you probably have some free time on your hands — and that free time could be spent doing something productive, like clearing out your Facebook page. While it's good to stay close to those college buddies that truly defined your last four (or five) years, it's also important to know that you can let go of the rest.

Even though you might feel like every connection you have might be the connection that'll lead you towards a killer job, that's simply not the case. I mean, if their idea of social networking includes posting racist memes and posting inarticulate rants, these aren't really the people that you'd want to associate yourself with offline anyhow, right?

However, it goes beyond the people who simply annoy you. It's about the people who you, literally, can never imagine yourself reconnecting with. You had your moment, and now the moment is long gone. Be prepared to say goodbye to the following people — and if it makes you feel any better, allow yourself to briefly reminisce for a moment or two before you click "unfriend."

1. Your sorority sister you kind of hate

Sisters for life, am I right? Well, I suppose. While sorority sisters all share a bond, it doesn't mean you have to be best friends with your entire pledge class. There was probably one girl who kinda-sorta made your life miserable, and ruined every party. You had to deal with her for years, but when you graduated, you realized that you were finally free. After years of sharing a common organization (and giving her chance after chance), your mind has been made up about this girl. Don't feel obligated to stay in touch with her.

2. The kid you were paired up with for a group project back in junior year

He's a nice enough kid, but after English 201 ended, you never shared classroom space with him again. Also, while you spent a grueling eight hours with him in the library putting that project together, you're not totally sure that you'd even be able to successfully identify him in a crowded place. Unless you felt a close bond to the guy, feel free to leave him in your past.

3. The weird "I can be your friend, too" adjunct professor

You had that one strange professor who tried to bond with his classroom through a Facebook group, and it never ended up taking off. Afterwards, he friended you directly, and it seemed weird not to accept it — I mean, you had to see him two times a week for your government course. Plus, you had a grade at stake.

Now, all he seems to post are weird politically based stories that, even while being pretty darn intelligent, you can't totally comprehend. The moment ended with this guy the second you walked out of that classroom for the last time. He won't take it personally if you cut the cord. Chances are, he's shocked you've kept the "friendship" for this long.

4. Your RA

She tried to help you adjust to college, and truly embraced decorated dorm doors. And she was nice, mostly. I mean, in your heart you knew that she knew you had one Smirnoff Ice in your mini fridge, but she never busted you. But she's moved on to bigger places, and so have you. It's not like she'll invite you to her wedding, or even call you to check in.

5. The guy you thought you were dating, until he introduced his girlfriend to you at a party

He didn't want to be "Facebook official" back in 2013, and soon after, you figured out why. He pretty much saw you as a fun hookup buddy when his girlfriend wasn't looking. While you still love to stalk his page for revenge reasons, it's important to not remain connected to guys who obliterated your feelings. He couldn't even be honest with you — why should you still be associated with him?

6. The drunk guy who embarrassed himself at every party

That Joey. He was quite the guy, right? Life of the party! Of course, you know next to nothing about him, besides the fact that he used to get totally trashed at every gathering you hosted. He threw stuff off the balcony, he passed out on your bed, and he started crying about how his father abandoned him when he was 12, and never taught him how to be a real man. You feel sorry for him, but you're also super tired of his mass invites to parties every Friday — especially since you don't even live in the same town as him anymore. If the invites are all that Joey brings to the table, it's time to say goodbye.

7. Your weird roommate from freshman year

You were matched because your last names were right next to each other in the alphabet. And, that's pretty much all you had in common. Huge fights didn't even happen, since she didn't seem to have too much personality for yours to clash with. She was perfectly fine, but she might have transferred after her sophomore year? At least, that's what a mutual acquaintance told you.

She didn't even care enough to say goodbye, or take her weird and clunky half-broken TV from the room. And that, honestly, is when your connection ended.

8. The weird boyfriend of your weird roommate from freshman year

He was OK, sort of. I mean, he didn't seem threatening. He kind of just showed up, and watched TV with your roommate in silence. He probably forgot who you were entirely.

9. The upperclassman who "showed you the ropes" at your college organization

Regardless of the club you joined, you probably had an intimidating upperclassman show you where the bathroom was. He or she was likely the guru of college radio, or the newspaper, and seemed to have the final say on all calls the organization made. You felt like being connected with him was being part of the "in-crowd," even though it didn't make too much of a difference either way. They graduated, and you formed brand new experiences. Eventually, you excelled on your own. Let 'em go.

10. The girl who wore pajamas to every class

Since, really, that's all you remember her for.

11. Your chemistry tutor

You knew that you'd need a chemistry tutor the moment you realized you had to take chemistry. It's just not your best subject. After seeing the teacher, he paired you up with a whiz-kid who totally nailed the class last semester. And thanks to him, you managed to (thankfully) pass the class with a B-.

Unfortunately, you had no actual chemistry with this kid, and nothing else in common.

Images: Giphy (9), Mark Taylor Cunningham/Flickr