5 Food Instagrammers Compete To Make The Most Epic Food Photo Ever, And You're Gonna Be So Hungry After This

There's nothing like a little food porn to keep you happy and hungry — and there's really only one place to go to see the most amazing food photos on the Internet. Spoon University set out to find the best food photos on Instagram with their inaugural Battle of the Instagrammers competition, and holy cow — you won't believe the entries they received. From Nutella cookie dough bagels to the most insane cheeseburger you've ever seen in your life, check out the most epic food photos currently on Instagram... and try not to drool.

We just wrapped our first ever Battle of the Instagrammers competition where five of our favorite foodstagrammers duked it out to be named the inaugural winner. For the week of May 25th, we uploaded one photo per day to our Instagram account, and the photo that received the most likes by Saturday, May 30th at noon was crowned the winner. And the winner is...

Michele Mansoor of @hungrybetches

...with her EPIC Cookie Dough Fluffernutter Bagel creation. As the winner of our #BattleOfTheInstagrammers, @hungrybetches will win a BIG SPOON (#swaaaaaag), an opportunity to present at our annual Brainfood Conference this July (mark yo' calendars), and a Whole Foods gift card. Hell yes.

Check out some behind the scenes footage of how she created her photo, as well as some insta tips so you can be instafamous, too. And here are @hungrybetches' fierce competitors.

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2nd Place: Allie Keigher, Gissele Alzate & Hannah Honan of @feedyoursoull

These three high school seniors brought their A game and built a six-story Waffle Ice Cream Candy Tower. Dayum. Don't worry, they totally crushed eating this. Three mouths are better than one.

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3rd Place: Justin Schuble of @dcfoodporn

As an artist, Justin took advantage of his refined eye and made this S'mores Waffle Stack from scratch. Did we mention the waffles are vegan and gluten-free? Learn how to make this sight for sore eyes on Justin's website right here.

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4th Place: Skyler Bouchard of @nycdining

With lots of personality and some Spoon experience under her belt, Skyler constructed Reese's Puff Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches, drizzled with lotz of Nutella. We don't hate it.

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5th Place: Spencer Kastrinsky of @foodprnshare

Although he never takes his own food photos, Spencer could've fooled us with his Donut Cheeseburger Explosion courtesy of Shake Shack and Dunkin' Donuts. Hot and dangerous. And cheesy.

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